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Shadow Boards

Shadow boards are used to organize tools, components, and parts so that they are easily accessible and can be accounted for. In many industries it is critical that all tools and/or parts be accounted for before leaving a job site. Some tools are very expensive so that loss is financial, others could be left behind in areas that could disturb normal machine functioning. (Imagine an aircraft where a wrench was left in the turbojet tunnel.)

OSAAP America offers custom shadow boards in closed cell, cross linked, inert, polyethylene foam, ESD foam, safe foam, and plastic for these typical applications:

Foam Inlays
Foam inlays are shadow boards that are usually placed inside of a case. These inlays have many commercial uses from protecting sensitive equipment to product packaging. OSAAP America can create a custom foam inlay for any standard Pelican case as well as cases from other manufacturers.
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Foam Kitting Solutions
Complete turn key solution for kits which include the foam inlay, case, tools, and all the items required in the case. OSAAP America will design the kits to meet your requirements, purchase inventory, and manage all the items required in the kit. We will also manage the inventory and drop ship to your end user locations.
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