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Epilog Laser Demo


  • Laster Mark all the tools in your Shadow Board
  • Reduce your laster marking time with OSAAP

Tools Ready to be Laser Marked
Application Review

Using a OSAAP .bord file to hold multiple tools to laser all the tools in one pass on an Epilog
Laser Machine.

Test Setup

Epilog Laser: FiberMark24
Laser Head: 30W Co2
Lense: 5"

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Process Steps

  1. Design the foam tray with OSAAP's Blue Shadow Software
  2. Convert the OSAAP .bord design file to .dxf
  3. Open the file in Corel Draw (see video below)
  4. Adjust text as needed
  5. Print the Corel file to the Epilog driver for your machine
  6. Position the foam with tools in place
  7. Adjust the Z height of the laser (see images below)
    1. In our tesrt we had a 0.070" delta in height of the two parts. We set the starting Z heighrt of the laser head to 0.035" above the lower of the two parts. Splitting the difference in the height.
  8. Run the laser machine to text all the tools in the foam in one pass.

View Process Steps Video

Height Setup
Height Setup for Epilog Laser Marking   Control Panel

Our settings in the Laser for this test where:

Laser Settings

The Laser run time for our test on two Koken Sockets was 35 seconds

Test Results:

Laser Test Results

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