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Image scanning trouble shooting:

Typical problems seen when scanning images in are:

  • Operator zoomed in to much and did not include the frame of the Light Box in the picture.
  • Operator allowed something not intended to cover the frame of the Light Panel
  • Part is to large for the Ligth Box and over hanges the frame on the Light Panel
  • Clear plastic part on the Light Box did not scan correctly.
    • A good exsample of this is a clear plastic handle of a screwdriver
  • Operator did not turn the Light Box on
  • Tall parts require the camera to be very straight

 To test that your Light Panel is providing images that scan into the correct size follow the process outlined in the video below


Exsamples #1:

Image does has Zero Scanboard size:

See video below for solution:

Contact OSAAP America technical support if you need help.





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