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OSAAP Manufacturing Solutions 

We sell the same solution used in OSAAP Manufacturing facilities to authorized Manufacturing Distributors and End-Users worldwide.  The Big Idea is to work globally to improve the process of design, project management, and manufacturing of Shadowboards.  The global effort results in a robust and fully supportable process that yields profits that can be reinvested into R&D.  The model defines Continues Improvement keeping OSAAP, our partners, and our customers on the leading edge of technology.

The Turn-Key Solution consists of:

  1. Image Capture
  2. Design
  3. Project Management
  4. Manufacturing Management
  5. Machines for manufacturing 



1. Image Capture:  OSAAP offers a 2 1/2D image scanning solution from a .jpeg image taken from a camera of parts on a backlight panel.  The frame of the backlight panel is the Datum (known dimension) the software uses to scale the part size. learn more

2. Design:  The foundation of the OSAAP solution is to provide our Blue Shadow CAD software for free to our customers. The CAD software has been developed specifically for Shadow Board design and is intended to be used by customers that are not necessarily mechanical design engineers. learn more

3. Project Management:  In our view, the most important part of the process is project management.  To manage project OSAAP has built a custom database "Blue Manager".  The database has an end-user face interface "The Web Portal" and the production facing interface "Blue Manager".  The combination of the customer web portal and the operational database provides complete project management and revision control.

4. Manufacturing Management:

5. Machines:

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