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Custom Shop.

The OSAAP workflow is designed to streamline low volume high mix design and production of foam and plastic boards.  Many customers love what we do at OSAAP and ask us to work on other projects that fall outside the OSAAP Scope of Work.  To keep OSAAP true to it’s mission of fast, simple and cost-effective processing we have created the Custom Shop.

The OSAAP Scope of work lives within the Blue Shadow CAD software and Blue Manager project database.  NC code for manufacturing is automatically generated by our server; making for a completely hands-off code generation process for manufacturing.  We also use specific materials that are kept in stock for quick turn manufacturing.  We process single sided boards for single layer projects only.  When we stay within our scope projects flow very smoothly.

The Custom Shop does not work as fast as the OSAAP workflow or at the same price point.  We use more traditional CAD software and custom design each project.  We can do larger and thicker multi-layer projects in many different materials.  Lead times reflect the design cycle and sourcing of unique materials for each project.


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