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Text options

We offer three methods for applying text to your foam shadow board.

Design: Our unique CAD software allows you to position the text quickly and easily where ever you like on the surface of the foam.  The Text will be applied to the surface of the foam unless you specifically specify a different process on your order.  Talk with sales today about the prices for each option outlined below.

  1. Top of the foam: Standard text etched into the top surface of the foam with our proprietary Blue Laser technology.  Blue Laser offers a finer beam than Co2 Lasers allowing us to provide a fine and clear last mark text on the surface of the foam.  This is important when space is limited and you need a smaller font to fit what you would like.
  2. Through the top layer: Text through the top color of the foam. Because of the 3mm top layer of foam, we specify Laser marking through the top layer looks very good.  Thicker top layers create a 3D look that is hard to read and unclear. We can mark your logo or text through the top layer.  NOTE: the minimum font size is larger when cutting through the top layer than when marking on the surface of the foam.
  3. Plastic two color labels: We can laser mark 1/6" thick plastic two color labels and apply them to the foam in a cutout so they sit flush with the surface of the foam.

  Text Options

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