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Light Table Options:

OSAAP offers several optional backlight table configurations.  All of these options include the same OSAAP specific light panel which is 556MM square.  The 556MM x 556MM dimension is critical to the proper scaling of the parts when using OSAAP's Blue Shadow CAD Software.

To Learn more about the light table options we have visit the OSAAP Technologies Website

The optional Light Table Configurations are:

  1. Blue Imager 3D  (Bi3) : allows the user to acquire the 2D shape and topography of the upper surface of tools placed on it's measuring surface. 
  2. Fabric Light Case : Foam with inlayed Light Panel, Camera, accessories and a cloth carry case
  3. Hard Light Box 2D:   designed for Industrial Applications and Air Travel it includes handles, heavy duty wheels, and a telescoping handle.
  4. Mini Light Tower 2D : is the top half of the Full Light Tower designed for customers to use throughout their facility.
  5. Full Light Tower 2D :made of Plastic Jacketed Steel Tubing on casters for mobility

light panel dimensions: 556mm square




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