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We have automated the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) side of the Shadowboards and Foam inlay manufacturing process around Milling foam and Laser marking text and logos.  While we can Mill most materials we have standardized on a few materials to ensure fast delivery.

Our standard foam for Industrial applications is Zotefoam LD45.  We stock material with a 3mm to 5mm black top layer and a colored bottom layer: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Grey.  These combinations are stocked in 30mm, 60mm and, 90mm thick.

For ESD applications we stock LD50CN:  This material is supplied only in all black with no additional top layer.  We stock LD50CN in 30mm and 60mm thickness.

Also available: PlastiCore and PlastiClean ESD

All our materials can be purchased in sheet form for you to use in your own manufacturing process or milled to your specification using our proprietary process.  

Contact the order desk for ordering information at orderdesk@osaapamerica.com 

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