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PlastiCore ESD Safe:

OSAAP PlasticCore® ESD Safe Material is considered a Base Polymer on the attached graph.  We have been able to get material to AntiStatic Composite range resistivity.


ESD Materials Catagories Description ESD Materials Catagories Chart

Anti-Static: Resistivity between 10-9th and 10-12th ohms per square.  Initial electrostatic charges are suppressed.  May be surface resistive, surface-coated or fitted throughout.

Static Dissipative: Resistivity between 10-3rd and 10-9th ohms per square.  Lower or no initial charges - presents discharge to or from human contact.  May be either surface-coated or filled throughout.

Conductive: Resistivity between 10-3rd and 10-6th ohms per square.  No initial charges provide a path for the charge to the ground.  Usually, carbon-particles or carbon-fiber filled throughout.







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