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Many customers are looking for a more durable surface for foam inlays and ShadowBoards used for tool control.  A typical option considered is the peel-and-stick plastic applied to the top of the foam before milling.  The problem we have seen with peel-and-stick plastic is that is will delamiante from the foam.

In our effort to provide a unique solution to the more durable top layer question OSAAP has developed PlastiCure.  Using our standard two color LD45 Zotefoam we cure the black top layer with a proprietary process and change the phase of the polyethylene from a foam appearance to a plastic appearance.

After the curing process the top layer of our foam is rigid with a noticeably higher resistance to scratching and taring.  All the foam fibers the resulted from the milled process are removed and the edges of the foam are rounded over.

PlastiCure benefits:

  • Reduces any FOD concerns by removing all lose fibers from the top layer of the foam
  • Increases resistance to scratching a taring

PlastiCure negatives:

  • Foam can no longer be Laser Texted, the plastic like surface does not react to the laser


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