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Convert an OSAAP .bord file to a .DXF file.

Our Web-Service makes it possible for customers with internal manufacturing capability to utilize OSAAP 's free scanning based design software "Blue Shadow" to create designs quickly from a photo. Scanning items into Blue Shadow are proven to save hours of design time as compared to traditional design methods.

The process to use the Web-Service is:

  1. Take pictures of items on OSAAP's Light Panel.
  2. Scan the pictures into OSAAP's Blue Shadow designer software.
  3. Layout your design in Blue Shadow and save the .bord file generated.
  4. email up to qty 10 .bord files to your account number.
  5. Run the file on your existing machines as you do with other CAD files.

Click here to download a sample of the .DXF file generated after converting an OSAAP .bord file

Custom NC code: We will also generate NC Code specific for your Milling, Laser, Water Jet or another machine for you.  This involves a one-time setup fee which will vary depending on the complexity of the process.  Once your custom NC code output is developed you can then purchase conversion licenses.


We charge a fee for each file converted.  Please contact sales at sales@osaapamerica.com for conversion fees rates.

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