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Opath software

A common problem we face in designing foam inlays and shadowboards is converting CAD data quickly and easily to NC code for milling.  3D files for example have three dimensional shapes that are not needed for milling.  While we can convert 3D files to DXF and work from there to generate a file for milling, it can be time consuming.  Most DXF files have problems with disconnected Polylines.  It can take hours of manual work to join Polylines to get a DXF file clean enough to convert to something from which we can generate NC code.

We have solved the problem of converting 3D CAD files to a file that can generate NC code quickly and easily with Opath.

Opath works by saving your 3D CAD files in the orientation needed for milling as an .STL file.  Opath then allows you to slice the image at various depths to generate a multiple depth cavity as a .tool file.  Open the. tool in OSAAP's Blue Shadow Designer software and you’re done.

STL-Tool-Slicer from James Chase on Vimeo.

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